Meet Your Chime

A children's book and mindfulness tool that helps kids calm down.

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Benefits of Your Chime

  • Improves focus

  • Calms “monkey mind” 

  • It's quick: 14 second is all it takes! 

  • Helps your child unwind before bed

  • Useful step before the need for a “time out” 

  • Brings the whole family together

Your Chime in three steps:

1. Read the book with your child.

2. Ask your child to tap the chime in times of stress and keep their eyes closed until the noise fades.

3. Enjoy a more calm and present moment with your child.

I’m getting reports from teachers and parents that Your Chime is actually working. It’s amazing how well kids are responding to this.
— Lindsey, Child Psychologist
My daughter asks to chime-out all the time.
I love giving her all of the tools I can to help her calm down.
— Enza, Parent
We use the chime as an alternative to time-out, and it works so much better.
— Steven, Parent