Thirsty Thursdays: How to Get Your Child to Drink Water

Dehydration is a real issue for children-most simply do not drink enough water. Luckily your child can avoid the nasty side effects of dehydration with your help! Follow these four easy guidelines and don’t forget to lead by example! If your child is really giving your push back on drinking water you can always turn it into a contest; works like a charm!

  1. Choose a water bottle they like- If your kiddo is REALLY into Paw Patrol then buying a Paw Patrol water bottle might be reinforcing enough. You can save money and make it more fun by purchasing a clear BPA-free water bottle (TJ MAXX has a ton) and let your child decorate with permanent markers and/or stickers.

  2. Send the water bottle to school- If you send your child’s school allows, send the water bottle with them every day. They are more likely to drink water when they do not have an alternative for most of the day. Running around at recess can lead to dehydration-make it easy for them to get a quick drink!

  3. Limit sugary drinks- It’s hard for us adults to drink water over that iced latte or soda of choice- imagine how hard it is for kids! If you limit the juice and other drinks loaded with sugar, your child will find water refreshing.

  4. Start young- When your pediatrician tells you it is okay to give your child water-go for it! If your child is used to drinking water then they will find it naturally reinforcing. Serve water with every meal and encourage them to drink when they are playing. Ask their school to do the same!

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Olivia Roney