Funny Fridays: How to Embrace Your Child’s Humor

Nothing feels better than having someone to share a smile and a laugh with. Your child will be blown away if you take the time to get to know their sense of humor. This offers an amazing opportunity to bond with your child and encourage them to be themselves. Our sense of humor develops pretty typically so you can use the following guide to help you embrace your child’s humor.

  1. Zero to two- Laugh! Kids are funny! It’s okay to laugh at the silly things in life with them. If they think knocking over a bowling set, as soon as you FINALLY set up all of the pins, is the funniest thing they have ever seen then join them and laugh! Hide things behind your back and looked surprised when you show it to your infant! Show them that you care about the things they find funny.

  2. Three to five- Pretend Play! This is a magical time to be a child! Their imaginations are unlimited and their senses of humor are
    really starting to develop. This age provides
    a wonderful time for you to bond through

    play. Dress up in silly clothes, let them give you a makeover or fight off the evil dragon and save the prince together!

  3. Six to seven- Jokes! One of the funniest memories I have from working in a preschool involved a six year old and a knock knock joke. This is a fun age to play with language. Help them understand the structure of different jokes but if they want to make up their own structure, just go with it! The best knock knock joke I have ever heard came from a six year old who answered with his name! Laughing creates a beautiful space for bonding.

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Olivia Roney