Tech Tuesdays: Engaging with Your Child Online

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The internet provides an opportunity for your child to learn and grow. It is important, as a parent, to be active in your child’s online engagement. Studies suggest that children with parents who are more engaged in their online activities are more aware of potential danger. Not only can it provide a safer experience for your chid, engaging online together may present bonding and learning experiences!

  1. Provide guidelines for safety- have an open discussion with your child regarding the safety-and potential dangers-of the online world. Address your kids in a developmentally appropriate way to help them understand why you need to set limits. Check all safety features on phones, tablets and computers.

  2. Have designated Screen Time- This one can be tough! However, if you designate certain days and times that your child is allowed to use electronics, not only will they appreciate the screen time more, it is also much easier to monitor their activity! It’s extremely important to lead by example. It isn’t as effective if you tell your child that they should get some fresh air and play rather than be stuck to a screen if you are unable to take a break too.

  3. Find games you can play together- Look for educational yet fun games that can be played on multiple devices or in a two-player mode. Try Match Blitz for younger kids (3+) or Head’s Up for older (ages 6+). You can also do a little research on your child’s favorite game to engage in conversation about it. So if your kid is always talking about Minecraft or Candy Crush, learn about it and use this as a way to communicate!





Nick Wangler