Wax on Wednesdays- Chores for Child

What kind of chores did you do growing up? I remember helping my mother with the dishes, laundry and cooking. I used to get a small amount of money at the end of the week and could buy something small with my earnings. When I am working with parents, I recommend a chart to keep track of chores and Dollar Tree “rewards” if they choose to have them! Here are some age appropriate chores to help your little ones learn responsibility and Independence.

1. Clean up toys- I recommend starting this at a young age. Not only does it promote independence, it will also help keep the house a little more clean for you! Make it into a game- see if they can clean all of their toys up by the end of the Clean Up song!

2. Put dishes in the sink or do dishes- Again, age two is not too young to get the in habit of putting dirty dishes in the sink. When kids get to about age four or five (you know your child best) then you can start letting them “wash” the dishes. You’ll probably have to go over them again but it’s great practice. If you’re lucky, they can just rinse them and put them in the dishwasher.

Since most kids love playing in water, I would set a three minute timer (on your phone, the microwave etc) to signal that it’s time to stop.

3. Laundry- Teach your three year old ( and up) to fold towels! It’s a great way to get them engaged in house work but you can also use it as a teachable moment- “How do we fold the towel in half?” Kids are also great at matching socks! You can make this one a race too!

4. Vacuum- Kids absolutely LOVE running the vacuum. You can have young kids use a hand-held vacuum to clean up small messes. Older children (about 5-6) can run the vacuum over the kitchen floor after dinner, clean up popcorn after watching TV, etc.

5. Car Wash- When I was little, I did not see washing the car as a chore at all! My mom always made it fun for use with lots of bubbles and soap. Your little ones will love helping you with this. When it’s warm outside you can end the car wash with a water balloon fight! This helps get your child outside and gives you a chance to play together!

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Nick Wangler